the green sanctuary

We recognize the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in present day scenarios. With this in mind, we aim to provide a holistic and healthy lifestyle choice to our residents.

As an IGBC certified ‘Green Building’, Loudon Star is developed on renewable energy and environmentally sound methods of construction and architecture, as well as energy efficient processes in design, space utilization, water conservation and indoor environmental quality.

Natural resources such as sunshine and rainwater are used optimally and recycled.

An exquisitely landscaped garden, ample open spaces and green zones within the premises, detached from the congestion and pollution of the city, encourages an active and healthy way of living. The beautifully designed green wall around the entire first floor is a soothing influence and respite from the usual concrete surroundings. Adequate ventilation and streaming natural light make our apartments come alive.

Reduction in water and energy consumption right from day one

20% - 30% energy savings

30% - 50% water savings